Reports and Policies


Our company forest resources will be managed for long-term sustainability and natural biodiversity while providing an increasing harvest volume and conserving the social and cultural values of the community. The company is committed to implementing its sustainable forest management mission, vision, and guiding principles.

Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Initiatives Include:

  • Managing the forest to maintain, enhance and develop the appropriate range of species naturally found on site
  • Using a range of harvest treatments based on on-site specific characteristics to create a more diverse and mixed forest in Nova Scotia
  • High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) management
  • Public participation and broad-based input from local communities

Port Hawkesbury Paper manages for many values besides timber including old forests, wildlife corridors and habitats, special management zones, endangered species, unique ecosystems, recreation, heritage and culture, and domestic watersheds.


Core Labor Requirements Policy

2021 Complaints and Dispute Flow Chart

2021 Woodlands Complaint and Dispute Management Policy

2021 Culturally Appropriate Engagement

Sustainable Forestry Management Policy

Forest Management and Monitoring 

2021 Annual Monitoring Report for SFM Indicators and High Conservation Values

2020 Annual Monitoring Report for SFM Indicators and High Conservation Values

Acadian Forest Restoration Guidance Document

Gap Analysis for Port Hawkesbury Paper LP FULA Lands for Eastern Mainland and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

High Conservation Value Forest Assessment Report for 2015-2020 FSC certification period 


For further information, please contact Andrea Doucette, Superintendent, Sustainability & Outreach at:


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