Woodlands Focus - Riparian Zone Management Field Day

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Earlier this spring, PHP hosted a riparian zone management field day for members of the Atlantic Coastal Action Program (ACAP). The day was led by our Leader in Sustainability & Outreach, Andrew Fedora. We spent most of our time visiting a variety of riparian management zones on MacIntyre Mountain, in Cape Breton.

Andrew Fedora discusses the ecological importance of biodiversity of undisturbed riparian zones.


Midway through the day, the group was joined by PHP Operations Supervisor, Nathan Rankin. We took a brief sidetrack to visit a recently completed group selection harvest. 

Pritika Dadhich, originally from India, enjoying her first adventure into an Acadian ecosite Nathan Rankin, PHP Operations Supervisor joins the group midway through the day Aerial view of selection harvest


The tour was capped off with a final stop at Myles Doyle Falls in Melford.


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